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Little Caprice and Lexa team up for this lesbian photo shoot for the site In the Crack. Both are beautiful with banging bods, and I expect their pussies taste like sunshine.




Wow, this pic really does it for me. A hot little pussy next to a sweet face. I can just imagine her turning her head to get some sweet pussy licks in.




The naked models get comfortable on the bed and start with some serious sensuous kissing. That must be totally hot to watch them writhing together.




Little Caprice sits on Lexa’s face for some oral attention. Lexa knows what she’s doing and licks her shaved pussy with gusto.




Lexa returns the favor, and even tongues her ass because that’s what Caprice likes. She licks that wet pussy until they both get their fill.

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Lexa in the crack with Caprice



Lexa in the crack with Caprice today at a beautiful location overlooking the ocean bay.




Is In the Crack having a contest to see who has the greatest ass? That’s a tough one.




Both Lexa and Caprice show off their feminine curves as they lay naked on the bed.




Here is Caprice licking Lexa’s sweet shaven pussy crack in this amazing closeup.




Now Caprice sits on her face for some lesbian tongue action as Lexa spreads wide.




Lexa gets extra naughty as we see her ass lick Caprice and gape her pussy lips.


Watch this video and many more In the Crack pussy.

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Nude beach pics from Lexa



Lexa is a popular girl over at In the Crack, and it should be easy to see why with her gorgeous body glistening in these nude beach pics. That nice ass alone is 5 stars.




In the Crack Lexa slips out of her bikini in the shallow waters as tourists walk the beach.




I love this nude beach pic. Lexa looks awesome with her landing strip pussy and the ladies in the background are too intimidated to come near. Beautiful shot.




Here, Lexa contemplates the meaning of life before spreading her legs for a pussy shot.


Get all the pussy crack you can handle right here!

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In the Crack Lexa shows some SUV pussy

Lexa is very popular at In the Crack, but she likes to go by different aliases for her nude pictures, including Carrie du Four and Melisa Mendiny.




Lexa is on a road trip with In the Crack, exploring the beauty of nature… and the pussy.




Lexa takes a short break on the road trip to partly undress and get more comfortable.




Doesn’t Lexa look amazing showing off her curvy ass crack in the back seat of the SUV?




I love both of these SUV pussy crack shots, especially with Lexa bent over the back seat.




Of course with In the Crack we need some delicious spread pussy shots. Lexa obliges.




SUV pussy? Yeah, we got that. Get some of your own road trip pussy at In the Crack.

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Nude yoga girl Lexa shows her pussy crack

Lexa is a recurring hottie at In the Crack, and I think it’s easy to see why. Lexa is from the Czech Republic where I’ve heard all the girls are beautiful. I hope it’s true.





Seeing this nude yoga girl stretch like this makes me think it wouldn’t be so bad to be next to her, even if I had to do some yoga positions too. It’s a price I’m willing to pay.




Ah the good part, where Lexa shows us her pussy crack, with some nice close ups of her fine round ass on the tree swing. I can just imagine my face underneath that sweet ass as it swings just out of reach…


If you like hot girls and fine pussy check out In the Crack!

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In the Crack Lexa in Las Vegas!



If I saw a girl like this in Vegas I would get an instant boner. She’s got the looks, the legs, the dress, even the heels are sexy. Today she’s shooting in Vegas for In the Crack, but Lexa has been shooting for a lot of sites lately, but she can’t seem to pick a moniker yet. She’s shot under the aliases Alma, Carrie Du Four, Elis, Krissy, Lexa, Tiffany.




I don’t care what name she finally chooses she’s simply hot as hell. I love brunettes.




Lexa has a delicious pussy. Here she is doggystyle pulling her panties down for a peek.




Lexa uses a purple toy to insert in her pussy crack. Notice the trim landing strip pussy.




A definite boner inducing pussy closeup with the purple dildo spreading her pussy lips.




I love this. A perfect Vegas nudity pic with the naked girl overlooking the city with the full moon in the background. Every time I look up at those hotels I’ll pretend there’s a naked beauty like Lexa flashing the city. Totally hot.


Lots more Lexa here at In the Crack!

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